3 Advantages of Aluminium Slat Pool Fences

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People greatly value their privacy and safety, especially in their homes. So installing a fence can increase the security you require for your pool area and provide you with a private and quiet spot where you can enjoy. Buying a fence for your pools is an investment that you can’t take lightly because there are a number of details that should be considered.

At Geelong Pool Fencing, we offer a range of pool fencing materials that can accommodate the requirements and preferences of our customers. One of our best-selling fence materials in Geelong are aluminium slats. With its minimal yet aesthetically pleasing features and superb functionality, it has become a notable choice for many property owners in the city. Want to know more about this fencing material? Here are some of the upsides of using aluminium slat fencing for your pool area.

Hardwearing and Anti-Corrosive

Aluminium slat fences are made from robust metal that is naturally anti-corrosive, so it is an outstanding choice for those who wish to have a long-lasting pool fence. Unlike steel or wrought iron, it can resist rust even when frequently exposed to harsh elements and water. Besides that, this type of pool fence can withstand various physical traumas even though it is generally lightweight. So if you have kids who love to play around or kick balls or other toys against your fences, you don’t have to worry because aluminium slat fences will not easily crack or bend.

Practical and Affordable

If you are scouring for a cost-friendly alternative to wrought iron, aluminium slat fences can be your go-to choice. This type of fencing does not require expensive maintenance and is not susceptible to rot and deterioration when exposed to extreme weather changes. You can save a few bucks on maintenance and repairs without compromising the durability and security you require through this option.

Compared to other metal fences, aluminium slats are easier to install, maintain and repair. Its installation is not labour intensive and can be done after a few days if your pool area is not that big. It does not require staining, sealing or painting, unlike timber fences, so you can definitely save more. To keep it clean, you just have to wipe it over using a cloth with a gentle cleanser. Besides that, if some slats are damaged, you don’t have to replace the entire fence. Contact a fence contractor for the damaged slats to be removed and replaced properly.

Provides Privacy and Security

Due to its slat fence design, you can create a private space in your pool area without fully blocking the view around you. The horizontal panels and the gaps between them help provide a private but not isolated space for your outdoor living area. Due to that, you can still see what is going on outside the pool area.

At Geelong Pool Fencing, we can customize the width of the horizontal slats as well as the spacing of your aluminium slat fences. Just tell us what level of privacy you require and the style you prefer for your pool area. If you wish to achieve a solid aesthetic and private space, you can opt for wide flat panels set closely. On the other hand, if you incline towards achieving a warm appeal for your pool area, you can choose narrow slats set wide apart.