5 Benefits of Mesh Pool Fences

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Adding a swimming pool in your backyard is an excellent feature for your house. Besides that, it can also be a place where you and your whole family can beat the heat during summer. However, along with all the fun and advantages of owning a pool is the responsibility you have to uphold. You must install a pool fence to keep it safe and secure for children who do not know how to swim yet and avoid accidental falls.

With all the materials to choose from when it comes to pool fences, selecting the right one can be an arduous task. That is why at Geelong Pool Fencing, we are fully committed to helping our customers evaluate various pool fence materials so they can weigh their choices and determine what will best suit their pool. One of the most sought-after fences we can recommend is a mesh pool fence. Want to know why? Check out the five benefits that a mesh pool fence can extend to you and your family.

Secured and Safe

Mesh pool fences are specifically designed to deter your kids or pets from climbing over or crawling under the fence. Since it has no slats or crossbars, the children will have nothing to grab or hold when they decide to climb, mount or hoist themselves up and over when there is no adult to supervise them. If you plan to have this pool fence for your swimming pool, just make sure to avail of a lockable, self-latching or self-closing pool gate for added safety.


Another significant aspect of mesh pool fences is how affordable it is. If you compare its upfront cost to other fence materials such as wood, wrought iron, chain link, or glass, you can significantly save a few bucks with mesh pool fences.

Unobstructed View

Mesh pool fences are an excellent choice for many households because you can monitor your kids even if you are in other areas of your house. Since this pool fence material is usually manufactured from a small micron woven mesh, it can offer an unobstructed view just like a glass pool fence. The holes in the mesh are almost unnoticeable from a slight distance, so even if you have a scenic view around your pool, you can be assured that you can still enjoy it even with a fence installed. Besides that, it can also allow sunlight to freely pass through the weave.


If you are scouring for a removable pool fence, then this fence material can be your best choice. Another convenient thing about mesh pool fences is that you can easily remove them and store them in your garage when you don’t need them. Besides that, you can also install a mesh pool fence by yourself.


Aside from its functionality, durability and longevity, another remarkable aspect of mesh pool fences is how they can be conveniently customized to fit your pool. No matter the shape or size of your pool, you can conveniently configure the mesh to suit it. Besides that, you can also find a high-quality mesh that is made from PVC coated polyester material. If you have enough budget, you can invest in a top-quality mesh pool fence that is tear-resistant and can withstand harsh elements like sun exposure.