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Pool Fencing Geelong

Water, no matter how deep, presents a serious drowning hazard for children of all ages. Taking the necessary precaution to prevent children from going directly into your pools without adult supervision is the default; making these precautionary measures visually appealing is taking it to a different level. We are Geelong Fencing and we have been doing just that in the last 24 years. We provide high-quality, visually-appealing, and cost-effective pool fencing services for both residential and commercial clients in Geelong and surrounding suburbs. 

Since 1997, Geelong Pool Fencing has provided access to affordable and long-lasting glass fencing solutions. Our team are able to are able to create any style of pool fence that our clients desire through our experience, our skill, and our use of cutting edge technology. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure that our clients enjoy a safe, durable and visually pleasing product. We specialise in the following services:

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All throughout our existence as one of the best pool fencing service providers in Geelong, we continually learn and study new and innovative techniques to improve our skills and ultimately our output. Our techniques are always updated to the latest ones making them more state-of-the-art and in turn more durable, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient.


The materials we use are always high-quality. Not settling with low-quality materials has given our services the advantage of providing better results to our clients. We have built our business on our reputation for quality and professionalism and our outputs are always a testament to that unwavering commitment to it.

Integrous Workmanship

We are proud of our team. We are composed of people who have spent years and years in developing their skillset to produce better output. We put high level of priority in our workmanship. We continuously work to develop our skills and our techniques to produce output that will not only meet your expectations but exceed them.



All of our pool fencing installers, designers, and experts are all trained, vetted, and licensed in order to provide you with high-quality poolside fences that are both visually-appealing, durable, and cost-effective.

ON-time Delivery

We pride ourselves in our ability to complete projects on time and without delay. In fact, for more than 24 years of our business, we have never had any substantive delay. Beyond that, at least 93% of our previous projects were completed ahead of schedule.


We have made it our mission to make affordable, high-quality, and professional pool fencing installation services accessible to everyone. As a consequence, we make sure that our pricing model reflect that.

workers of Geelong Pool Fencing inspecting the pool fence

At Pool Fencing Geelong, we consult, design, supply and install high-quality pool fencing for both residential and commercial buildings. We offer a wide range of fencing services from aluminium to framed and semi-framed glass.

Aluminium is one of the most popular materials to build pool fences with. They are relatively inexpensive but are a very versatile material that has the potential to create an endless possibility of designs. 

Glass fencing has modernize fencing technologies since it started to become popular. Their popularity comes from their transparency that does not obscure the view of the pool and the surrounding landscape.

Glass balustrades provide a secure barrier with a unique aesthetic. The variety of uses that you will find with this material include balconies, staircases or mezzanines in residential or multi-storey commercial buildings. 

Glass Pool Fencing Geelong

Glass pool fencing has a unique aesthetic that can be applied to different spaces. There are different advantages to be considered if you want to have this fencing type installed.

Glass Pool Fencing is one of the very few elements that give a unique style and make a statement to any property while standing apart from the main structure. They are perfect if you are looking for a sturdy yet modern-looking pool fencing feature, frameless structures are the best option for you.

The primary reason why it is important to have pool fences installed is safety. Frameless glass pool fencing combines the magic of beautiful and stylish fencing with strength and structural integrity. Our team of professional installers can customise a design to suit your needs and we provide the highest quality materials available. Glass pool fencing is a very popular option, as it does not obscure the views of your pool or the surrounding landscape. On top of that, we ensure that all of our glass pool fences comply with all standards to ensure your, your children’s safety, and your pets’ safety.

At Geelong Pool Fencing, we have pioneered glass pool fencing in Geelong. Thus, you can be assured that our services are high-quality and durable. Call our hotline today so one of our experts can discuss with you all options that we have available to you.

Pool fencing is not just about keeping your pool safe, it’s also a great way to protect and keep out intruders. Pool Fencing Geelong offers frameless glass fences as well as more traditional types of pools that may need something with better curb appeal for the front yard area. Whether you’re looking for privacy or safety look no further than the perfect plastic fence company because we have years of experience dealing in all aspects of this field!

“Attention to detail” is our motto. It is our goal to be your one-stop shop for all of your glass needs, from large installations in commercial buildings and homes alike. We pride ourselves on taking the time needed to make sure every piece meets not only aesthetic standards but also safety regulations.

Your home is your castle, so make it a safe and beautiful one. With the security of frameless or semi-framed glass fencing by Pool Fencing Geelong, you can have everything: beauty for those stunning views; protection from thieves with high quality materials made to last; peace of mind knowing that our team has over two decades of installation experience all across Victoria. Call today!

At the heart of our glass pool fencing company in Geelong is a commitment to safety. Safety has always been paramount for us, but now more so than ever since an average child drowns every week in Australia. We strive to make your pools and spas as safe as possible with modern innovations like shatter-free tempered glass that will not only keep you worry-free about children around water, but also give it a stunning design. All designs meet council legislation guidelines and regulations set by VBA so we can assure you that quality is unsurpassed amongst other companies who lack expertise and experience.

Geelong Glass Pool Fencing is a local business that knows the value of supporting their community and keeping your dollar in town! We’re committed to assembling an experienced team for our clients so we only hire locals, which helps build up the economy while providing you with excellent customer service.

Protect your privacy and ensure safety with a Geelong Glass Pool Fencing Co. barrier! We are the market’s leading provider of glass pool fencing services, supplying an extensive range for all tastes and budgets, from sleek to classy. With our help you can rest assured that no uninvited guests will be able to swim in your pool or enjoy unauthorized access when gates are closed – even if they have a ladder handy.

Aluminium Pool Fencing Geelong

Aluminium pool fencing is a prime choice for those that would like to have affordable fencing that they can be creative with as well. Not only does it make a sturdy barrier for the pool area, it provides a visual appeal with material that requires little maintenance. When it comes to choosing this type of fencing for your pool space, there are different benefits to be had both visually and functionally wise.

We install aluminium pool fences and aluminium backyard fences with a range of panel and gate sizes that are available in various designs. We also have different pole heights to match various fencing panels. Our team of competent fencing installers can also customize pool and backyard fences to meet all your design and structural requirements.

Aluminium fences are one of the most popular installations because of their versatility and contemporary aesthetics. At Pool Fencing Geelong, we pride our team on delivering high-quality aluminium pool fencing installations that exceed expectations. 

So if you are looking for a service provider that can deliver high-quality and professionally-made aluminium pool fences, Geelong Pool Fencing is the best way to go! Contact us today to learn more about our different aluminium fences options that will suit your preferences.


There are different factors that affect the duration of a pool fencing project. Things like area to be fenced, the type of materials that will be used, the number of people working on a project, as well as the preparatory work needed before the formal fencing process play a part in developing a reasonable timeline for a project. 

Here in Geelong Pool Fencing, we have developed a pricing policy that focuses on meeting our clients budgetary specifications. That is why we do not provide an ad hoc cost estimate. There are different factors that affect the cost of a project. However, in general, pool fencing can cost between $2,000 to $5,000 depending on materials and size. Contact our support today so one of our experts can provide you with a tailored cost estimate for your specifications. 

Keeping your pool fence clean and in good condition is an important aspect of owning a swimming pool. Pool fences are one of the most popular investments people make when they want to install safety features for their pools, but without proper care it risks falling into disrepair with time. Fortunately taking care of your mesh fabric fencing material does not have to be too difficult; you will need dish soap (mild), warm water from a bucket, as well as a bristle type brush that can help scrub away dirt before rinsing off any residue left behind with fresh water! Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach or acid-based cleaners on these types of surfaces because this could cause damage over extended exposure periods which would diminish its effectiveness even more so than if just neglected.

A barrier such as a removable pool fence can prevent young children from accessing the swimming area unsupervised.  The major drowning prevention and swimming organizations recommend mesh fences as an important safety measure against accidents like these happening again this year.

Pool fences are not only for safety, it can also improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. A mesh pool fence is transparent and allows you to see through both ways giving a clear view on both sides without obstructing anything. This type of fencing will definitely boost value in terms of aesthetics which increases property value as well!

Pool safety is an essential part of parenting. Removable pool fences are recommended by most foster care, child adoption services and government agencies in order to ensure that there is no risk of children falling into the water when they’re around. Ensure your fence meets all standards set out for it before installing one at home!

The perfect way to keep your family safe this summer is with pool fencing. Perimeter fences are more commonly used and follow the property line of a home, keeping people outside but also providing a barrier from falling into the water when they’re too close. Isolation fences like mesh provide an extra layer of protection between you and any hazards in or by your pool–they help keep children away while still giving them access to enjoy it without worry!

Mesh pool fences are the safest and most versatile option for keeping your kids safe. Made of flexible fabric, they’re climb resistant which prevents children from accessing the swimming area. The transparent mesh allows you to easily see into your backyard while maintaining a beautiful view-perfect for any house or yard! The durability makes them long-lasting as well, so no need to worry about purchasing expensive fencing again soon. They also come in different styles with upkeep being easy and convenient: just remove it when not needed! Mesh is an affordable safety feature that can be used in virtually every type of home due to its versatility.

The main difference between the two is the amount of framing used for the glass panes. Call our hotline to day so one of our experts can explore with you the difference between the two and other alternatives that would not compromise the quality of your fencing. 

You can attach glass fencing to concrete, pavers, tiles in pool decking. Special fixings are also used when installing it on timber decking. It’s possible to install directly onto garden bed or lawn by pouring concrete pads into the ground and then screw them with fixings for installation.

Frameless glass is attached to the top of your shower enclosure with special channels used for this purpose. Semi-frameless panels are also installed on posts but have an additional piece that attaches it to the wall or floor, depending upon where you install them in your bathroom.

The smooth nature of the glass used in pool fencing makes it difficult for children to climb. Besides, there are no footholds or handholds that would otherwise assist children with climbing up and over the fence.

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