5 Creative Ways to Surround Your Pool in Style

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Whether you have recently decided to build a pool in your property or plan to give your existing one a total makeover – installing a durable and stunning pool fence can be one of your top priorities. Once you have set your requirements for your pool, it is time to figure out the aspects that can make it more suitable for your existing landscape. Since there can never be a one-size-fits-all landscaping solution for this step, it might be better to look for pool fence ideas that can seamlessly blend into the style and functionality you want to achieve.

At Geelong Pool Fencing, we understand that aside from the functionality and style that a pool offers, one of the biggest concerns of our clients is safety. Installing the right fences around your pool is essential to prevent anyone from accidentally falling in or drowning. However, some homeowners might be overwhelmed with what fence material, colour, and design to use for their pool. That is why our team has gathered some ways on how you can surround your pool in style. Check out the pool fence ideas we have rounded up to kickstart your pool project.

Nature-inspired Fences

When you think of fences, the styles that may come to your mind are a series of industrial-looking posts. However, if you prefer a design that can offer a natural appeal to your pool and backyard, you can opt to build a stone wall around your pool area. You can mix and match a myriad of natural stone colours and textures to create a rustic and exotic aesthetic for your pool area. However, before you start building, make sure that you research the specific building codes in your area. This is to ensure that your nature-inspired fences can follow the safety requirements for your pool.

Sleek Glass Fences

Want a sleek and elegant fence for your pool? You can splurge on stunning frameless or semi-frameless glass pool fences. This type of fencing is an outstanding choice for pools with contemporary designs. Since the fence is made of glass, it will not impede the views of your backyard. Besides that, tempered glass fences are hardwearing, impact-resistant, and climb-proof. However, compared to wood and aluminium pool fences, glass pool fences have a higher upfront cost. If you wish to have a budget-friendly alternative, you can try installing plexiglass fences.

Low Maintenance Vinyl Fences

If you prefer to achieve the natural look of wood fences but think that it requires a lot of maintenance, you can go for vinyl fences. Compared to other types of pool fences, vinyl doesn’t need regular upkeep because it is made from durable and long-lasting materials. You can easily find a myriad of styles, colours and finishes for this fencing so you can match it to your landscaping. Whether you prefer stylish vertical boards or the traditional picket fences, you can have it all with vinyl fences.

Traditional Brick Walls

Brick walls are quite common in hardscape areas like driveways, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use them to surround your pool. With the classic appeal of brick walls, you can use them with metal fences to create a reliable and beautiful pool fence. We greatly recommend this type of pool fencing to those with a Colonial-style or Federal-style home. However, if you will use a brick wall for your pool area, make sure that you check its structural integrity over time.

Plant Disguise

Although plants can’t really be considered a legitimate pool fence, you can still use it to disguise other types of pool fences. If you think your metal fences look awkward in your backyard’s landscaping, you can grow a hedge, rows of evergreen plants or climbing vine on it. Through this, you can create a natural-looking boundary for your pool area.