Making Waves: A Handy Guide to Repairing Common Pool Fence Damages

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A pool fence serves as an essential safety measure, especially in homes with children and pets. However, like any other element of a home, it can become damaged over time due to various reasons such as weather, wear and tear, or accidents. When this happens, prompt repairs are necessary to maintain safety and aesthetics. Here, we provide a helpful guide on how to tackle common pool fence damages.

1. Rust on Metal Fences

Rust is a common issue with metal pool fences, especially those made of iron. To repair rust spots, use a wire brush to scrub off the rust, then sand the area smooth. Once it’s free of rust, apply a rust-proof primer, and then paint over the spot with a rust-proof paint.

2. Damaged Colorbond or Plastic Fences

Colorbond or plastic fences are popular due to their low maintenance and high durability. However, they can get cracked or broken. For minor cracks, a Colorbond fence repair kit can be used, which includes a patch that blends into the existing fence once it dries. For larger damages, you may need to replace the entire fence panel.

3. Loose or Wobbly Posts

Over time, pool fence posts may become loose due to soil erosion or loosening of fasteners. This issue can be rectified by first digging around the base of the loose post. Fill it with a fast-drying concrete, ensuring that the post is level as the concrete sets. If the post’s mounting brackets are loose, tighten the bolts or replace them if they’re damaged.

4. Broken Glass Panels

Glass pool fences provide a sleek, modern look but are also prone to breaking or cracking. Replacing a glass panel is not typically a DIY job due to safety concerns. It’s best to call in a professional to handle the glass removal and installation process.

5. Damaged Latch or Lock

A damaged or broken latch can compromise the safety of your pool fence. Fortunately, pool fence latches or locks can be readily purchased from hardware stores and are relatively easy to replace. Make sure to choose a latch that meets Australian safety standards.

6. Regular Maintenance

To prevent damage and extend your pool fence’s lifespan, regular maintenance is key. This includes cleaning the fence regularly, inspecting for any signs of wear and tear, and promptly addressing any damage.

While minor fence damage can often be handled as a DIY project, complex or large-scale repairs should be left to professionals. It’s crucial to ensure that the pool fence repair is not just aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound and safe.

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