Semi-Frameless Pool Fencing in Geelong

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Semi-Frameless Pool Fencing

As a type of glass pool fencing, semi-frameless pool fencing can be considered as one of the safer options to go for. What makes this fencing distinct from other glass pool fencing types is that it has heavy duty aluminium or other material type posts inserted between clear, toughened safety glass. It can be applied directly onto existing concrete, limestone or paved surface making it an extremely versatile pool fencing solution.

With a unique aesthetic that can be applied to different spaces and having more safety materials to secure it, there are different advantages to be considered if you want to have this fencing type installed. 

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All throughout our existence as one of the best pool fencing service providers in Geelong, we continually learn and study new and innovative techniques to improve our skills and ultimately our output. Our techniques are always updated to the latest ones making them more state-of-the-art and in turn more durable, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient.


The materials we use are always high-quality. Not settling with low-quality materials has given our services the advantage of providing better results to our clients. We have built our business on our reputation for quality and professionalism and our outputs are always a testament to that unwavering commitment to it.

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We are proud of our team. We are composed of people who have spent years and years in developing their skillset to produce better output. We put high level of priority in our workmanship. We continuously work to develop our skills and our techniques to produce output that will not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

Benefits of Semi-Frameless Pool Fencing

Similar to frameless pool fencing, semi-frameless pool fencing can provide a unique aesthetic with its a see-through feature. Not only can it provide an unobstructed view but it can also add dimension to space it is applied to while also blending into the background. Unlike frameless pool fencing, this fencing type holds the additional support of beams/pillars to attach each slot to the other. 

As a glass type of fencing, it does not require sanding or painting years down the road and maintenance is quick and easy with an occasional wash with a mild detergent or wipe over with a soft damp cloth. Being made with tempered glass or otherwise toughened, the panels are made so that breaking the fence is virtually impossible unless extreme force is applied to it. With how durable the fencing is and how it has no footholds, you can be assured of the safety it provides to your chosen space. 

Even with the metal slots that make semi-frameless pool fencing what it is, you can enjoy a sleek modern look with your fencing. Depending on the professional service you choose to install the fencing, there are different materials you can opt for the posts/beams. A sample of this would be stainless steel in all spigots, hinges and latches. More than the different features to consider with this fencing type, you may also need to consider the regulations of your area for any fencing installation. 

When looking at the overall features of the semi-frameless pool fencing and looking at what other glass pool fencing types feature, you would think there is only one main difference. However, this will mainly depend on the style you are going for and how you would like the fencing to be applied to your chosen space. Whether it be a pool or otherwise, understanding what different types of glass pool fencing can do for you can determine what would work best for you. It would also help to choose a service like Geelong Pool Fencing to help further confirm things. 

Why Have Geelong Pool Fencing Install Your Semi-Frameless Pool Fencing

By choosing to work with Geelong Pool Fencing for your fencing needs, you will be ensured of exceptional service with quality materials and products. You will find a range of options for your glass pool fencing needs and if there is anything you wish to have done or to consult on, our professionals are ready to help. Not only this, you will find that we deliver a hassle-free service with our installation process at a budget-friendly price.